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It turns out Wanted isn’t just an investigation; it’s also a caper, depicted in reenactments that boast the editing and cinematography chops of an Ocean’s Eleven movie. The series has its cake and eats it, too, blending high-stakes, shoe-leather reporting with thriller sizzle.Rolling Stone 

Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn review – this twisty, dramatic tale will leave you agog  The Guardian ★★★★☆

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Drive to Survive – Edit Producer: Kate Hampel

The groundbreaking Netflix series does it again; an outstanding piece of documentary filmmaking, so intricate in its detail and insight. Absolutely the best season yet.

- The Hollywood News  (Drive to Survive 3)

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Murden in the Family – Senior Story Editor: Kate Hampel

★★★★☆ Murder in the Family was excellent as it was depressing and enraging.

The Times 

★★★★☆ Murder in the Family, ITV1, review: a vivid account of the warnings of domestic abuse

- The Telegraph  

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Long Shadows: Writer, Producer, Director: Kate Hampel

Occasionally a documentary pops up that focuses on a topic you had not even considered and proves richly rewarding as a result. Long Shadows is such a piece.


- The Australian (Long Shadows: Stories from a Jewish Home)



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Sunderland 'til I die – Senior Edit Producer: Kate Hampel

Sunderland 'Til I Die, Netflix review: an uplifting story found in one of the football team's grimmest seasons  


- The Telegraph (Sunderland Til I Die)

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Tough Young Teachers – Location Producer, Director, Camera: Kate Hampel

It's fabulous television though. A little bit like Educating Yorkshire/Essex, but that was more about the institution, this is more about the profession. And c'mon, it's about school, which will always be more interesting than anywhere else in the world. Because it's where you're made into who you are.  

- The Guardian (Tough Young Teachers)

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Child in a million – Producer, Director, Sound: Kate Hampel (Episodes 1,3 and 5)

Essential viewing for anyone in need of perspective, this heart wrenching series follows patients at Great Ormond Street with rare conditions. 

The Daily Telegraph (Child in a Million)

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Time Crashers – Edit Producer: Kate Hampel (Victorian Oyster Fishers)

As it stands, Time Crashers defines simple entertainment perfection.

- The Guardian (Time Crashers)

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