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Six-part immersive history series presented by Sir Tony Robinson in which ten famous faces are leaving the 21st century behind and taking a leap into the unknown.


6 x 60"
Wall to Wall

First Broadcast: October 2015

Edit Producer: Kate Hampel (Victorian Oyster Fishers)

Exec Producer: Cate Hall

The stars are going to 'crash' land into six different historical worlds and six different moments in British history but until they arrive they have no idea where - or when - they're going.  

In each of the six spectacularly recreated worlds they'll be stripped of their celebrity status and fully immersed in the past - wearing the clothes, eating the food and doing the jobs.

From an Elizabethan feast and a medieval joust to an Edwardian shooting party they'll have to pull off assignments that were all in a day's work for ordinary Britons of the past.


Time Crasher Press
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