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This series follows the extraordinary twists and turns in their lives inside and outside of prison.

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Discovery +

First Broadcast: August 2016

Senior Edit Producer (Series 1)  Kate Hampel

Edit Producer (series 2)  "Teen Mum" and The Hustler"

Series Producers (for Raw TV): Amy Foster, Gillian Pachter

Exec Producer (for Raw TV): Tom Barry

Women in Prison – Senior Edit Producer (Series 1)  Kate Hampel
Rockville Correctional Facility houses 1200 of Indiana’s toughest female criminals. Women in Prison 2 takes us back into the unforgiving world of female prisons; a world without men, freedom or comfort.

This season, the prison is bigger than ever. We meet a cast of unexpected inmates who’ve taken a wrong turn in life, including a millionaire housewife, a former army officer and a security guard.

These unlikely convicts confess to their shocking crimes and reveal how they’ve learned to survive in this hostile, alien environment. They’re murderers, they’re fraudsters, they’re drug dealers and daylight robbers, but they also started out in life just like you.
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