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Four privileged young ladies swap the leafy lanes of the Home Counties for the streets of south London to experience for themselves how life is lived on the other side of the tracks.


3 x 58 minutes


BBC Current Affairs


First Broadcast: 16th June 2010

Producer Director Camera, Episode 1: Kate Hampel

Series Producer: Gabe Solomon

Exec Producer: Lucy Heatherington

Stephanie, Serena, Claire and Cat are posh and pampered with virtually no experience of life at the other end of the social spectrum.

All they know about Peckham is what they've seen on the news - shootings, stabbings and gang-related violence. Though curious they are understandably nervous.

The girls move onto a local council estate and immerse themselves in an alien and unfamiliar world - Peckham's vibrant, multi-ethnic community.

Attitudes are further tested when they meet the four local women who have volunteered to act as their personal guides for the week - streetwise Kerri, unemployed Sarah, single mum Lashan and hard-working Aleisha.
Bridging the class divide proves tricky, and relations between the posh girls and their Peckham 'sisters' quickly sour. Can the two sides overcome their differences and make it through the rest of the week?


"This latest slice of addictive culture clash tele sticks four posh girls from the country into a council estate in Peckham an area known for “knife crimes, guns and gangs”.
Todays Highlights
Metro - 16th June 2010

"..the gap between rich and poor has nothing to do with money these days; we’re actually talking about two different countries."
Television Express
Daily Express - 17th June 2010

Crossing the class divide
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Radio Times Feature
12th -19th June 2010

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