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Nominee for Royal Television Society Award Best Features and Lifestyle Series 2010


1 x 58 minute

BBC Three 

Producer Director Camera: Kate Hampel

First Broadcast: 22nd September 2009

Series Producer: Paula Fasht

Exec Producer: Steph Weatherill

When Katie and Darnell met it was love at first sight, their courtship blossomed and they had two daughters. Keen to make an honest women out of her, Darnell popped the question, but with two extra mouths to feed wedding plans were soon put on the back burner.

They are now given 12,000 pounds towards their big day, but the catch is that they have agreed, in the presence of a lawyer, that Darnell must organise the whole wedding on his own.They will have absolutely no contact with each other and Katie won't know a single thing about the wedding until the big day three weeks later.
Can Darnell deliver Katie's dream day without female assistance and will he hit the three-week deadline? Will he put his bride off before she even gets to the altar or can he give Katie a day that she will never forget?


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