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tiny tiny
BBC Three

6 x 1 Hour
Victory / BBC

First Broadcast:
9th Jan 2014

Location Producer, Director, Camera:
Kate Hampel

Series Producer:
Ross Anderson
Sandi Scott

Exec Producer:
David DeHaney


Series that follows six young teachers as they learn how to be responsible for a classroom of young people.


"The documentary struck a good balance between the chaos of lessons and the conscientiousness of the teachers…This has potential to portray the real problems of the education system – and how teachers like these are our best hope to address them."
The Telegraph

"It’s fabulous television."
The Guardian

"There were tears, there were cries of confidence, there were 'what am I doing?' moments and this was only episode one."

"Rookie teachers are a class act but they’ve got a lot to learn… an engaging but bleak documentary."