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Channel 5

1 x48 minute film
Emporium Productions

Presenter-led documentary series

First Broadcast:
18th February 2016

Edit Director:
Kate Hampel

Series Producer:
Nick Kenton

Executive Producer:
Emma Read


TV Reporter Paul Connolly spends a week experiencing life as a typical inmate in the impoverished Philippines prison system.

Many Jails in the Philippines are overcrowded, severely underfunded and run by gangs and two thirds of the country’s prisoners have yet to face trial.

Arrested, charged and then left to languish on remand, many detainees spend years in legal limbo. Paul explores what life is like for prisoners on remand in the Philippines.

In each episode Paul is banged up to live as a prisoner in one of the world’s toughest prisons.

Across the series he travels to Honduras, Poland, The Philippines and Mexico, to experience first-hand the harsh conditions, overcrowding & mind numbing discipline of these jails.

While inside Paul meets prison gang members who rule the roost, talks with murderers and learns how in some jails drugs and violence are a way of life.

He also discovers what it’s like to be a guard and the measures they have to take to keep the prisoners in line and inside.



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