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1 x 45"
Shine / Sky 1

First Broadcast:
17th March 2013

Producer, Director, 2nd Unit Camera:
Kate Hampel

Series Producer:
Martin Conway

Exec Producer:
Catherine Welton


Ashley and his street crew have their most challenging assignment yet; teaching groom Lee and his best men to perform a surprise dance routine for Lee's bride-to-be Amy on their wedding day. 

A self confessed "bridezilla", Amy has planned her wedding down to the finest detail, while Lee is left on the sidelines. So Lee has plans to "flip the script" on the big day, and prove himself to his bride by springing a polished performance on her and the guests.

The only problem is Lee is a painfully shy performer, and his best men, the backing dancers, are a rowdy bunch of lads who never take anything seriously. Will Lee dance win his bride's heart, or will it be remembered for all the wrong reasons? 


"The star of the show is Banjo himself, who, despite being brutally honest about their shortcomings, proves to be effortlessly charming."
Pick of the Day - The Guide - The Guardian

"Lee is painfully shy and doesn't take naturally to performing. Can Ashley give him the confidence he needs or will his special moment prove memorable for all the wrong reasons?"
Radio Times

"Choreographong for a wedding is a once in a lifetime for a bride and groom. It could have been amazing or a disaster. Luckily, Lee pulled it off and it was one of our biggest-ever success stories."
The Sun Online



Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew